SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS accepted as a Collected Algorithm of the ACM

Check out the ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, which now lists my paper on GraphBLAS.  The Collected Algorithm will be version 2.3.3 of SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS.

Algorithm 9xx: SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS: graph algorithms in the language of sparse linear algebra

SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS is a full implementation of the GraphBLAS standard, which defines a set of sparse matrix operations on an extended algebra of semirings using an almost unlimited variety of operators and types. When applied to sparse adjacency matrices, these algebraic operations are equivalent to computations on graphs. GraphBLAS provides a powerful and expressive framework for creating graph algorithms based on the elegant mathematics of sparse matrix operations on a semiring. An overview of the GraphBLAS specification is given, followed by a description of the key features of its implementation in the SuiteSparse:GraphBLAS package.

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